Computer Software

At IT Clear we specialise in offering the widest possible range of deals and discounts across all computers and computing equipment direct from ITC Sales, the main online store for the ITC Group. Not only are desktop PCs, laptops, monitors, printers and other parts and accessories available, but we also offer some fantastic prices on essential software to get the most out of your equipment and systems. This includes the latest official releases from Microsoft, such as several versions of Windows and the latest editions of Office.

Firstly, for PC users, ITC Sales offers the most popular and advanced edition of Windows XP Pro OEM Service Pack 2, plus several options for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. All the releases featured on our website are designed to be installed by refurbishers, system builders or sub-distributors. In addition to these operating systems, you’ll also find official Microsoft/Dell software for servers with various options for licenses depending on your requirements.

Once you have your basic operating system in place, there are more software deals available from IT Clear to get you started with a new PC system. Microsoft Office 2016 is now available from the online store, including the Home and Student edition, the Home and Business edition and the Professional package. This essential suite of Office programs is ideal for completing a huge range of tasks on Windows and the newest iteration comes highly recommended at a great price from ITC Sales.

To keep your devices safe and secure, ITC Sales also has great deals on anti-virus and firewall software. Stock is regularly being updated so you can access the very best deals, including some of the latest and most highly rated internet security software. In addition, we provide access to the best deals on various additional Dell software, Linux server software and more depending on current stock. Visit for the latest updates on what’s available.