Computer Accessories & Peripherals

At IT Clear you never need to look elsewhere to find cheap parts, accessories or additional items for your PC. We bring you the best ITC Sales has to offer in terms of ancillaries and periphery items for customising and upgrading your computer network, all at great discounted prices thanks to our great supplier relationships. The ITC Group has years of experience trading with big name manufacturers, so we have access to all the highest quality products and are able to offer them to our customers at excellent special prices.

For anyone interested in customising their own PC, the range of deals we have on offer in this section is ideal. Boost your computer’s gaming and rendering performance with high-powered graphics cards including Nvidia, Radeon, AMD and ATI technology, starting from low budget prices and ranging all the way up to the highest level of performance. Additional RAM options for PCs, laptops, workstations, printers and even servers are also available here, with a broad choice of manufacturer-certified parts at great clearance prices.

IT Clear also brings you the best of CPU units from ITC Sales, including a range of high-performance Intel processors. Find exactly what you need for your computer and get it at a great exclusive price, complete with manufacturer guarantees to reassure you. Hard drives are also available and suitable for many different types of PC, including 3.5” computer hard drives, 2.5” drives for laptops and notebooks, plus various sizes for servers and even a large range of SSDs (solid state drives).

On top of all this, the periphery section is where you’ll find all kinds of cables and leads for computers, printers, monitors and more. This covers internal and external cables for all purposes, manufactured by brands including Dell as well as many more top suppliers. If there are any more parts and elements that you require for your PC, laptop, printer or server, browse through the featured deals here at ITClear or visit to check the extensive inventory.