Sourcing Low-Cost IT Equipment For Your Office

Sourcing Low-Cost IT Equipment For Your Office

If you’re setting up a business of any size, it’s usually essential that you have at least some basic office equipment. In the majority of cases, computers and other related IT supplies are a top priority, but the cost of investing in these before you’ve properly launched your business can be prohibitive. It’s easy to see how costs can quickly add up when you consider how much equipment you might need just to get started in an average office.

  • Printers, scanners and/or photocopiers
  • Laptops for employees who need to be mobile
  • Desktop PCs (either all-in-one models or towers with external monitors)
  • Software licences including operating system, office suite etc.
  • Servers and accessories if necessary

When you consider the additional start-up expenses of a business such as furnishings, infrastructure, employee salaries and so on, any kind of cost saving would usually be more than welcome. This is why at IT Clear, we bring you the best new IT deals from ITC Sales on a daily basis, so you have immediate access to great prices on office equipment including Dell laptops, desktop computers and much more.

The majority of these deals are on products in almost brand new condition, which may have been refurbished to bring them up to the required performance standards or simply have had their boxes opened and never been used. The most common trade-offs for buying refurbished are usually superficial marks or scratches at worst, or occasionally different specifications from the standard model.

These kinds of compromises are largely irrelevant to businesses, which is why our deals at IT Clear are so popular with business owners buying for their offices. As a bonus, you’ll be getting high quality products from world-renowned manufacturers like Dell without paying the usual premium, but the vast majority of these deal prices include a warranty either from the original manufacturer or ITC Sales for your peace of mind. For example, most of our Dell refurbished laptop computers can be returned directly to Dell if they are not fit for purpose.

All of this is fantastic for business users, because you can save a significant amount on the original RRP of each product and this really adds up when you’re kitting out an entire office. We suggest taking a look through our range of top deals now to see what essential office supplies we have in stock right now, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, please feel free to contact our team.

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