How To Save Money On Student Laptops

Cheap student laptops

There are usually a lot of expenses for students (and parents) to handle when getting set up for studying, so anywhere you can save money tends to be a big help. Choosing a new laptop is definitely something that’s easy to overspend on, but you don’t need to.

Here are a few tips to help you get the best value when choosing a laptop.

Pick your preferred type

Firstly, to narrow down the massive selection you’re faced with, you need to decide what type of device will be most suited to your needs.

  • Ultrabooks are increasingly popular, which combine the slim, lightweight portability of a notebook with the high specifications of more advanced models. These are a great choice if you need to carry your laptop to and from your classes on a regular basis, but also need a lot of processing power.
  • Go for a standard laptop if you’re willing to compromise a little on portability and performance in favour of saving money. This typically provides you with options under the £300 mark.
  • Consider a 2-in-1 model, which are finally starting to catch on with a mainstream audience. These hybrid devices combine the best features of a laptop and a tablet in a lightweight package, although for the best quality ones you will pay a premium.

Choose your specifications carefully

There is no need to waste money on flashy features that you have no interest in using, so compare the specifications and reviews for a few similar models and decide what you can live without. This is easier if you already have a laptop that you’re familiar with, as you can more accurately judge what needs improving and what is satisfactory for your typical needs.

In most cases, students will need a laptop that can comfortably manage a suite of office programs for taking notes and working on documents. Handling web browsing as well as music and video streaming with ease is usually important too. Based on this typical profile, you will need to check for the following as a minimum:

  • 4GB of RAM (mostly for running multiple programs simultaneously)
  • 128GB of storage (for solid state drives – hard drives will usually be a lot bigger)
  • Intel i3 processor or equivalent, but preferably higher
  • HD screen resolution (at least 720 pixels tall)

Go for a refurbished laptop

Refurbished laptops and computers are one of the most widely recommended solutions if you’re looking to save money without compromising on quality or performance. You can still enjoy the confidence that comes with a PC from a top brand such as Dell, but there’s no need to pay the original full retail price. In most cases, these products will have had parts replaced to bring them back to full working order, used very lightly and returned, or even just had their boxes opened.

At IT Clear we specialise in providing the best deals from ITC Sales as soon as they become available, and a major part of this range consists of refurbished laptops at great discounted prices. Since they are professionally refurbished and checked against our own high standards, plus many models come with guarantees from the original manufacturer or ITC Sales, you can be confident you’re getting a great deal. Take a look at our latest cheap laptop deals to see what’s on offer.

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