How To Save Money On Your New Laptop

Cheap Laptops

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a new laptop at the higher or lower end of the pricing scale, saving a little extra cash and getting great value for money is always welcome. It can be hard to know where to start when shopping around for cheaper laptop deals, but we have some recommendations based on our experience.

Here are some top suggestions on what to look into.

1) Buy refurbished for the best deals

The reason we offer such a wide range of refurbished laptops, PCs, monitors and accessories is primarily because they’re such good value. There really is no need to buy brand new in many cases, when refurbished alternatives are still in fantastic condition (often like new) and backed by manufacturer warranties. Dell are particularly competitive with the high quality, reliability and warranty schemes they offer, which is why we specialise in supplying their products at great rates.

2) Avoid used products from unknown dealers

Buying refurbished computers and accessories from an officially registered supplier like ourselves is very different to ordering used items from sellers on auction sites or other third parties. You don’t really know the history of what you’re buying when it’s listed as used, and a professional has rarely checked its condition. Value for money may be an illusion unless a proper manufacturer-approved refurbishment has been carried out.

3) Consider your minimum requirements

Sometimes people opt for what seems like a good deal simply because it’s cheap, but ultimately they might end up with a product that isn’t up to the standard they need. Only a laptop that meets your requirements is actually a good deal. Take a look at the points covered in our Easy Laptop Buying Guide to decide what you’re looking for.

4) Do your research thoroughly

Once you have established your budget and the type of laptop you are interested in, you can set about finding the best deal that balances these two ideals. Some laptop brands are a lot more reliable than others, and some offer much better support in the event that you do have any problems with your purchase.

As we mentioned, Dell are particularly known for their customer service, plus their machines are a lot less likely to have problems in the first place than many of their competitors. It is still worth reading plenty of reviews about any Dell laptop you’re interested in, just to make sure any potential drawbacks or extra benefits are factored into your decision.

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