Cheap Server Deals to Host Your Business Website

Dell Poweredge servers

Have you considered hosting your website in-house? Some of the resources you will require include; a high-speed internet connection, staff responsible for your hosting, twenty-four-hour support and a web server. Remember to search for cheap server deals to find one that suits your needs.

Below we explain some of the fundamental reasons you might want to consider hosting your own website.

It Is a Cost Efficient Option

Purchasing a server to host your website is cost effective because there will be no monthly fee for outsourcing your site hosting. Hosting your site on a server that you own will also eliminate any costs that might occur if there are delays when implementing desired services. We offer a range of cheap server deals this would make hosting your website more cost effective because you would own the server and all original documentation and files that it contains. Owning the server that you are hosting your website on is also beneficial because you will not have to understand or follow anyone else’s procedures and regulations, and you will gain the ability to choose what types of files you wish to upload. Trusted manufacturers supply our servers, and ITC Sales currently have some fantastic deals on Dell PowerEdge servers including the R230 and R410 which are both well-known for being reliable.

Provides Additional Income

Hosting your website could also give you the skills and expertise to host other sites which could potentially result in extra income. However, this does have some disadvantages because you might need to hire more staff to manage these which might be very expensive. If you are monitoring other sites, you would be focused on other businesses and might want to focus all your attention on your website.

You Are Responsible for Monitoring Traffic

Another advantage to hosting your website is that having a total control and can monitor each component that is related to the hosting and website. Whereas hosting providers have to protect thousands of clients and even with the highest level of security software and hardware in place, this can still be a difficult activity. Hosting your website does mean that you can take responsibility for monitoring traffic and enables you to detect any intrusions to your site. Before deciding to host your website, you should conduct a security audit and compare whether hosting your website or hiring a professional hosting company is the best choice for you.

Increased Control of Your Website

Choosing to host your website can give you a significant amount of control, and you can configure software and hardware for your site as it is required. Compared to hiring a hosting company, your own tech team will respond quickly rather than contacting support staff from other companies with tickets and emails which can be time-consuming.

Deciding to host your website can be challenging but if you have the technical knowledge, plan the steps you need to take, and seek professional help when you need it, hosting your website could be something to consider for yourself. You should make a list of your requirements and see if these are tasks that you could implement before deciding to outsource hosting services.

If you’re hosting your website and need to purchase a server, call us today on 0333 322 2200 for advice on which of our products would best suit your requirements.

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