Buyers Guide to Finding the Best Dell Laptop Deals

Finding the best laptop deals

With so many Dell laptops on sale, how do you decide which is the best deal? Buying a laptop or notebook within a budget can be challenging and the endless specifications that are advertised can be difficult to understand if you are a novice.

Here is ITC Sales simple guide on how to choose the best deals and discounts when purchasing a laptop.

Ex Demo Laptops

Choosing an ex-demo laptop is one great technique to finding a cheap laptop deal. An ex-demo laptop is a product that has been displayed on the shelf in a store and has likely been used lightly by passing customers who have tested how it works and will still be in good working condition.

Refurbished Laptops

Another method of finding a good deal on a Dell laptop is to have a look at some refurbished laptops. A refurbished laptop may be an unused product that has been returned from a previous customer or it can also be that a defective laptop might have been fixed by the manufacturer and then resold at a cheaper price once its defect has been resolved. These laptops are still of a high quality and have been checked at each stage of the process to ensure that the device is still running efficiently. If you’re looking for the ultimate deal on Dell laptops, we recommend that you consider purchasing a refurbished laptop because it means that you still get a branded laptop but at a lower price.

Open Box Laptops

An open box laptop means that a customer has opened the box and returned a product because they did not like it or it was not what they were expecting. As a result, open box laptops are often significantly discounted. One of the advantages of purchasing an open box laptop is that enables you to save hundreds of pounds on the latest laptop models. You can usually find some great deals on open box laptops!


At ITC Clear we regularly have sales and promotions on our Dell laptops. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices and know what type of laptop you would like, you can start thinking about what times of year that laptops will typically go on sale. For example, during the holidays or Black Friday is the ideal time to grab a bargain because retailers will be releasing new models at the beginning of the year.

Browse our range of Dell laptops or call our team of experts on 0333 322 2200 if you would like further advice on choosing the best laptop deal to suit your requirements.

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