Which is best for web design, a laptop or computer?

Which is best for web design, a laptop or computer?

If you’re in web design, there’s every chance your colleagues have already stated their preference for desktops or laptops. Not all of these opinions will have been in line with one another; IT professionals are natural contrarians.

Some – often the more technically minded – may favour a powerful desktop device in order to handle their niche programming and coding requirements. More creative types may enjoy the mobility that comes with a laptop: decent RAM and a few other features are good enough for these crazy kids. At IT Clear and ITC Sales, we’re not bothered about tribalism, tradition or other trivialities – we just want you to make the right choice for you.


Let’s start small. In today’s increasingly non-traditional working environment, web design is often undertaken remotely. The best part about working out of office is, surely, the ability to do so in whatever city/cafe/bar/club that you’d like, when you’d like. That, and the ability to visit clients and wow them in person, is where a laptop will come in handy; these increasingly light, compact and powerful devices are also easily able to handle most web design tasks.

Laptops allow web designers to enjoy more mobility in their working environment

There are some stipulations: you’ll want at least 8GB of RAM, and a solid-state drive (SSD) is also pretty handy, but not essential, for coding and programming. A sturdy Intel processor is useful. The Dell Latitude 5480 with Intel Core i5-7200U is a fantastic choice as an all-rounder. It includes no prohibitive Mac-style upfront costs, and provides great value in its aftersales and services. However, if you’re dealing in serious, graphically intensive projects, then you might need to think about something a bit larger. Something a bit… ‘desktoppy’.


That’s right: desktops. While they mean that you’re cemented to a desk in the office or at home, there’s no doubt that a desktop can handle the work of most laptops, and then some. They have pretty enormous advantages, even at entry level. You’ll get more RAM, a faster performance and the general triple-monitor-darkened-room-whizzkid expandability options that are simply impossible with a laptop. This enhanced display is important: if you’re designing a website, you need to know that your design looks good, and multi-monitor setups are handy for running multiple programs.

The Dell Optiplex Desktops SFF with Intel Core i5-7500 is a great way to go. Adaptable, reliable and malleable to a range of tasks, the Intel HD 4600 Graphics can handle intensive jobs easily. It’s also under a three-year warranty from HP.

So, which is actually better?

Like in many crucial debates, the answer is infuriatingly subjective; this is a fight in which the referee is too scared to call a winner. Cowardice aside, one thing is certain: ITC Sales offer fantastic new, open box, ex-demo and manufacturer refurbished desktops and laptops for web design, delivered to your door at extremely competitive prices. We also offer a range of useful guarantees, offers and support, so have a browse and find yourself the device that will design the next Google.

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